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Choose between the many learning experiences for schoolchildren visiting Modena and its surrounding area

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Here are some itineraries from the "Out of school" list:

  • Terramare di Montale Archaeological park and open-air museum
  • A book of stone: the romanesque style in Modena and the surrounding area
  •  Carpi, pearl of the Renaissance -
  • The Dukedom of Este
  • Frescoes in Modena and the surrounding area
  • Music through the centuries
  • History of the jew community in Modena and Carpi
  • The memorial sites 
  •  Campogalliano , the town of Scales 
  • Pottery and tile manufacturing-
  • Discovering the typical products of the area
  • Road of wines and tastes 
  • Teaching farms 
  • Parks, nature and biodiversity 
  • Land of engines 
  • School meets the firms

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