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The history of Lambrusco goes back a very long way and is included in the writings of the poets and writers of the Classical Age like Virgil, Cato and Varro. They wrote of a “Labrusca vitis”, i.e. a wild vine variety, that produced fruits with a bitter taste, that commonly grew around the edges of the fields. Lambrusco is a red wine that can be made spumante or frizzante, and is distinguished by a brilliant ruby red color. The wine was created in Modena, and from there it has spread to the rest of Italy and the world. A number of various elements demonstrate the importance of Modena as a wine growing and producing region. Firstly, there are the 8,000 hectares of vineyards; next, the oldest wine produced in the entire region of Emilia-Romagna; also, the presence of the oldest wine cooperative still operating in Italy; and, above all, the fact that wine produced in Modena is a Protected Designation of Origin.

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