Gelateria Bloom

"Gelato" Smart Essence in the historical city center of Modena!

Gelateria Bloom | Street Food & Cafè

On 12th April 2014, in a nice and tiny hall located in Via Farini, Bloom born; an ice cream parlour with a great ambition: to create the best and healthyest gelato ever. 

Everything we sell, actually, is made with fresh and high quality products, expertly combined in simple recipes, without any additives or preseratives, both chemical or natural.
A choice which is oriented to the physical and metabolic health that can let everyone be free to taste a fantastic ice cream.

In a short period, Bloom has become a must-stop boutique to taste both classic and innovative flavours, with real ingredients originally paired.

Gelateria Bloom
Via Taglio 16/A e Piazza Mazzini 42 - Modena


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