Push Start - Test Drive Maranello

Test drive, events, shops and restaurants in Maranello, the "Ferrari Town"! 

Push Start - Test Drive Maranello |

In Maranello, heart of the motor valley, four historical and specialized compa- nies offer you trained and reliable pro- fessionals, ready to welcome you next to the Ferrari Museum: Warm up, Pushstart, Luxury Store and Driver Bar and restaurant count years of experience in their own elds: their synergy can organize unique and un- forgettable activities. Rely on these professionals to plan your events and your stay. You will discover the spirit of this unique place.


SHORT TOUR: 9 kms long, about 1’ minutes driving. A short path around the Fiorano track coming back to our offices looking at the Ferrari Factory from outside.

START TOUR: 12 kms, about 15 minutes. Driving on the street around Maranello.

MEDIUM TOUR: 16 kms, about 20 minutes ( you drive around the Fiorano track, and you’ll come back looking the Ferrari factory from outside, passing by a HS street)

LONG TOUR: 32 kms, about 30 minutes ( you achieve Castelvetro through the hills and you come back looking at the Ferrari factory outside)

MOUNTAIN PANORAMA: 50 kms, about 60 minutes. You drive up and down the mountain street connecting Maranello to Serramazzoni with panoramic view.

MOUNTAIN: 65 kms, about 60 minutes. The historical route used by Ferrari test pilot to test the cars produced.

SPECIAL PANORAMIC: 65 kms, about 70 minutes. A panoramic tour, suitable for couples and families, born for the California, with a stop in a very special corner to take photos. You’ll drive across the hills, passing through Castelvetro, Puianello and surroundings.

RACE TRACK: the race track tour  is a tour of about one hour and a half
you drive from Maranello to Modena race track for about 30 minutes.
Once on the track you have 1 lap as passenger and then you drive the laps in your package.
At the end, you’ll drive back for other 30 minutes on the street.

PPT-PUSHSTART PRECISION TOUR: a sort of driving course, about 120 minutes long (120 kms) The tutor will teach how to drive in different street condition ( mountan, hill, long and plain streets), how to use brakes and gas pedals, apex and radius of curvature.

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