Neven's Food Trails to Modena!


Neven Maguire discovers Modena 

Neven's Food Trails to Modena! | News

"Pisa may have the most famous leaning tower in the world, but Modena has one too, beside the covered market where Neven tastes parmesan cheese which is six years old and balsamic vinegar which is 25 years. Balsamic vinegar is only produced in a tightly defined area around Modena and Neven visits a producer to see how it’s made. As well as food, Modena is also famous for sports cars: Ferraris and Maseratis are produced nearby. Neven is driven around a race track in a Ferrari and afterwards samples gnocco fritto, a street food favourite of Modena’s. old. Neven ends with the programme with Michelin star chef Luca Marchini who gives Neven a masterclass in making risotto with parmesan."


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